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“Modern Hernia surgery is about lesser pain, faster healing.”
What is a Hernia?
A hernia usually shows up as an abnormal bump in the stomach or abdomen regions. Internally, a hernia is an abnormal protrusion of an organ through the wall that contains it.
It requires a trained doctor to diagnose and treat a hernia.

The RK Hitech Hernia Surgery team features experienced surgeons trained internationally in the use of the latest surgical equipment, advanced Hernia Mesh technologies and modern fixation devices. The Hitech Hernia Program was pioneered by surgeons at Ramakrishna.
The Hitech Hernia Centre is South India’s first Centre of Excellence for Hernia Surgery, as recognised by ETHICON, Johnson & Johnson.
What is Hitech Hernia Surgery?

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Hitech Hernia Surgery is modern-day hernia surgery, performed by trained day care surgeons using advanced open-surgery techniques and laparoscopic methods.
The surgical incisions are much smaller (often as small as 2mm) than traditional surgery – this enables patients to heal much faster.
It involves the use of the latest light-weight meshes to repair hernias.
Hitech Hernia surgery uses rapid-acting & safer local and regional anaesthesia technologies that aid in rapid recovery and faster discharge (in 24 hours or less).
The RK Hitech Hernia Centre has pioneered the concept of wound closure with skin glue. Patients experience less pain and heal faster.
Hernia recurrence is prevented through the Hernia Recurrence Prevention Program, a set of post-surgery rehabilitation protocols developed by experts at the RK Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre.

How is Hitech Hernia Surgery safer than traditional hernia surgery ?

Hitech Hernia surgery uses open and laparoscopic techniques to repair hernias with light weight meshes. Surgeries are typically performed under specialized local anaesthesia, and wound-closure is done with special skin-glue. After surgery, Hernia recurrence is prevented using an indigenously developed Hernia Recurrence Prevention Program .

Traditional hernia surgeries might involve bigger surgical incisions, meshes of variable quality, general-anaesthesia techniques and wound-closure with stitches/staples. A hernia recurrence prevention program may not be present.

The light weight meshes used in Hitech Hernia surgery are known to reduce incidence of chronic pain post-surgery, while increasing the comfort level. The RK Hitech Hernia Centre has well established anaesthesia protocols learnt from Italian Daycare Hernia surgeons.

Is Hitech Hernia Surgery safe?

Absolutely. Hitech Hernia Surgery is performed only after thorough planning and evaluation of the patient by a qualified, trained surgeon. The patient’s condition is evaluated and monitored after the surgery by the surgeon and trained staff, and a discharge is done only if the surgeon certifies the patient as fit for discharge.

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Meshes used for Hernia Repair
  • Prolene Hernia System(PHS)
  • Ultrapro Hernia System(UHS)
  • Physio Mesh with absorbable Tackers Daycare Hitech Hernia Surgery Centre

HD Laparoscopy

Cutting-edge STRYKER HD Laparoscopy System with hi-definition video for precision surgery

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Suture-less Wound Closure & Mesh Fixation
  • DERMABOND Glue (Liquid Stitches) provides faster healing over traditional sutures
  • FIBRIN Glue decreases chronic pain after surgery
Chief Hernia Surgeon

rajeev Daycare Hitech Hernia Surgery Centre

Dr. Rajeev Premnath
  • MBBS, MS (Gen Surg)
  • Fellow of the European Board of Surgery
  • 3D hernia mesh surgery training at Day Hospital, Venice Mestre, Italy
  • MIPH (Minimally Invasive Procedure for Haemorrhoids) training at Singapore General Hospital
  • Diploma in Laparoscopy (Strasbourg, France)
  • Laparoscopy training at Essen General Hospital, Germany
  • Minimal Access Surgery training at IRCAD – European Institute of TeleSurgery, France
  • SILS – Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery training at National University of Health, Singapore
  • Performed the first VAAFT surgery for Anal fistula in Karnataka Daycare Hitech Hernia Surgery Centre

Daycare Surgery – Discharge in 24 hours or less
  • Same-day, insurance-friendly discharge – saves hospitalization costs
  • Special surgical and anaesthetic techniques aimed at rapid recovery, faster healing
  • Minimal disruption of personal life, helps you return to work/life quicker
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Hernia Recurrence Prevention Program
  • Post-surgical follow-up at home by Daycare Surgery Nursing staff
  • Special Exercise Programs by the Department of Physiotherapy to help heal faster and prevent hernia recurrence
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