Hitech Hernia Surgery Review

Review of Hernia Surgery under Dr. Rajeev Premnath of Ramkrishna Hospitals, Bangalore
Christopher Stanley LR, Male, Age 44, Bangalore Resident
“To my utter surprise, I was fit enough to walk out of the Operation Theatre on my own after hernia surgery!
Today I know that my surgical procedure, the quality of the hernia mesh used, and hospital stay were all probably better than the best I have seen in instances of relatives who underwent hernia surgery in other corporate hospitals.”

In June 2010, while undergoing a routine medical examination in one of the Corporate Hospitals in Bangalore, I was told by the Physician that I had developed an Inguinal Hernia on the Right side. This was not painful nor were there any complications in the case, then.

However, since it gave no pain or came in the way of carrying out my daily duties, I did not bother about this much.

However, towards the early part of Jan 2013, almost 3 years later, when I had a severe cough and cold, I could feel the hernia getting extended and thereafter, I found it to be “moving” every time I tried to exercise or when I tried jogging for routine exercise. This was slowly now restricting my free movement and preventing a healthy lifestyle.

I had by then decided to get the Inguinal Hernia rectified, but could not identify a suitable surgeon for getting the procedure done. I tried F***** Hospitals and was not given a clear picture of what the actual problem was, how they planned to correct it, the time for total recovery and if it involved any risks and how they were adequately prepared to handle it, if such an eventuality did arise during the procedure.

With not too many “trusted references” on my list, I continued to inquire, while the condition progressively gave me a slight pain each time I did something which put the Hernia in focus.

One evening when we had come to meet Dr. Ravishankar the Orthopaedist at Ramakrishna Hospital in Jayanagar, I requested him for a reference to a good Surgeon, for my Hernia procedure – he introduced us to Dr. Rajeev Premnath and since that day, I have the privilege of having his gifted hands carry out the Hernia procedure and he has been my “GO-TO” Doctor for all my Health related doubts and issues.

Dr. Rajeev scheduled the appointment, for my case review and on the appointed date, we were explained in detail all about the condition, the many complications which it can result in, if we ignore this beyond a point and if there was any impending risk to life at the moment.

We were given a handout, with proper visual graphics which helped us understand how this procedure once done, would help control it. We were explained in detail the pre-op and post-op precautions and care to be followed, that would help in speedy recovery and resumption of normal duties. We were even explained the pros and cons of going in for either alternative of the correction procedure viz. open surgery vis-à-vis a minimal invasive surgery. The latter is actually a misnomer since you need to make 3 minute incisions and that is not minimal by any measure. He actually handed out samples of the different types of meshes required for plugging the Inguinal Hernia and explained the pros and cons of using each of them – this greatly helped us in deciding upon the right one for my case. It helped us build a lot of confidence in his capability of rectifying this condition and his transparency aided our belief in him.

Due to a hectic travel schedule, I was not sure if this procedure would help me rebound
back to normalcy in a short span of time – to this Dr. Rajeev surprised me by saying..”you can carry out your normal duties from day 3!” I quickly dismissed this as another tall claim and mentally prepared myself to a 2 month restricted lifestyle. What was even more surprising was when he said this would be done under local anesthesia and that I would be wide awake during the procedure ! This is totally true, I walked in and walked out of the O.T and this was just the beginning of my quick recovery process.

Today I can vouch for this as I was back in action from Day 3 and since I followed all the exercises and care prescribed for my post-operation, I was back to my jogging and exercising and cycling within 12 weeks of undergoing the surgery.

Today I know that the kind of procedure recommended for me, based on my case, (am mildly Diabetic), and the kind of material used in the surgery and during my stay in the hospital, is probably better than the best I have seen so far in some instances of relatives who underwent surgeries of similar nature in other Corporate Hospitals.

I must thank Dr. Rajeev and his excellent team of Doctors, Nurses, Anesthetists, Admin staff for making this such a wonderful and safe experience for me and my family. I wish them the very best always.