Dr. Sandeep Nayak, Onco Surgeon (Cancer Surgeon)

MBBS, MRCSEd, DNB (Gen Surg), MNAMS (Gen Surg), DNB (Surgical Oncology)

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RKH (Jayanagar) : Tue, Fri 7PM - 9PM

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Onco Surgeon (Cancer Surgeon)
  • 14+ years of practice
  • Fellowship in Robotic and Laparoscopic Onco-surgery
  • SPECIAL INTERESTS : MACS – Minimal Access Cancer Surgery (Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery for Cancer)
  • Member, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK
  • Other national and international Memberships: Association of Surgeons of India, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Society of Surgical Oncology & Indian Association of Surgical Oncology.
  • Associated with World Health Organization (WHO) projects in India.
  • Visiting consultant cancer surgeon to Botswana/ Southern Africa.
  • Many publications in reputed journals. Has presented several research papers in national and international conferences.
Cancer Surgeries Performed
  • Abdominal Onco-surgeries (both open and laparoscopic) like radical gastrectomies, total mesorectal excision, Right and left hemicolectomies, Abdomino-perineal resection, Anterior and Low-anterior resection, Subtotal gastrectomy, Total Gastrectomy, Gastric pull-up, etc.
  • Hepato-Billiary-Pancreatic : radical cholecystectomy, anatomical hepatic resections, pancreatic surgeries like pancreatic-duodenectomy & distal pancreatectomy.
  • Gynecological Onco-surgeries (both open and laparoscopic) like Wertheim’s operation, cytoreduction for ovarian cancer, etc.
  • Thoracic Onco-surgeries (both open and thoracoscopic) like esophagectomy (TTE and THE), lobectomy, pneumonectomy, etc.
  • Head and neck Onco-surgeries like commando, neck dissections, salivary gland tumours, maxillectomies, radical thyroidectomies, total laryngectomy with voice restoration, total laryngo-pharyngectomy, etc.
  • Breast Onco-surgeries: modified radical mastectomy, breast conservation surgery, latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction, Onco-plastic surgery
  • Urogenital Onco-surgeries like radical penectomies, radical nephrectomy, retro-peritoneal
    node dissection, cystoscopy, radical cystectomy (both open and laparoscopic), etc.
  • Pediatric Onco-surgeries like Wilm’s tumor
  • Sarcoma surgeries like compartmental excision & wide local excision.
  • Basic reconstructive procedures by pedicled and random flaps like PMMC flap, Lip reconstructions, groin reconstruction, breast reconstruction with LD flap, etc.
  • Chemoport insertion for hassle free chemotherapy