The joy of good health.™

The Ramakrishna Group of Hospitals is among Bangalore's first private hospitals. Established in 1970 by a practising surgeon, the hospital has always emphasised surgical skills, technology & efficiency over processes, red-tape & volumes.

Come to us for uncomplicated, world-class healthcare.

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The joy of freedom. From hernia pain.

The Hitech Hernia Program™ is an advanced hernia treatment procedure pioneered by surgeons at Ramakrishna Hospitals Bangalore.

Many of our patients are fit to walk MINUTES after hernia surgery. Learn why we are a Johnson & Johnson-certified Centre of Excellence for Hernia Surgery.

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The joy of a pain-free morning.

Modern piles treatment is about thin cuts, almost-zero bleeding and rapid healing.

Our surgeons successfully conducted Karnataka’s first VAAFT (Video Assisted Anal Fistula Technique) surgery in 2011. Learn how technology can give you relief faster and better.

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The joy of shaking a leg.

Over a 1000+ succesful hip & knee replacement surgeries, with an infection-free success rate of over 99.5%.

Our joint replacement surgeons have a success rate that’s among the world’s best*.

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The joy of delicate surgery. Through 2mm cuts.

We have deep expertise in MINI LAPAROSCOPY, an advanced form of surgery performed through surgical openings as tiny as 2mm, using hi-tech equipment.

No big cuts, no stitches. Come, discover the wonders of modern minimal access surgery.

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The joy of going home. Just 24hrs after surgery.

Daycare Surgery uses advanced surgical, anaesthetic and patient care techniques to ensure you are ready for discharge in 24 hours or less* after a surgery.

We are one of the first hospitals in India to systematically build daycare surgery best practices into ALL hospital procedures.

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“Ramakrishna Hospital Bangalore is dedicated to providing world class healthcare with unrelenting attention to patient safety and clinical excellence.”

P.S.Premnath, President and CEO, RK Group


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Advanced Technologies, Skilled Doctors

Our doctors were among the first in India to adopt and master cutting-edge medical innovations such as Mini Laparoscopy (2mm surgery), Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment (VAAFT), Daycare Surgery (24hrs discharge), Two-port Ventral Laparoscopy, Minimal Access Cancer Surgery (MACS) and Revision Hip & Knee Surgery.
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Designed for Speed : The magic of Daycare Surgery

Our surgeons are trained in Europe in Daycare Surgery, a specialized form of surgery designed for rapid recovery and 24hrs discharge.
We have since built daycare best practices into many of our hospital procedures, cutting out unnecessary hospital stay and accelerating the healing process.
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Happy Patient Testimonials

“To my utter surprise, I was fit enough to walk out of the Operation Theatre on my own after hernia surgery!
Today I know that my surgical procedure, the quality of the hernia mesh used, and hospital stay were all probably better than the best I have seen in instances of relatives who underwent hernia surgery in other corporate hospitals.”
-Christopher Stanley
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ambulance150 Ramakrishna Hospital Bangalore

Bangalore’s First Private Ambulance Service

In 1982, we started Karnataka’s first private Ambulance Service.
Today, we run a fleet of hi-tech ambulances that offers patient transportation services across south India.
Our ambulances are designed in-house and custom-fit with advanced mobility life-saving
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physio150 Ramakrishna Hospital Bangalore

RK Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

A good physiotherapy practice is vital to our mission of healing patients faster.
Our physiotherapists have developed many exclusive in-house physiotherapy protocols for assisting patients before and after surgery.
The Centre specialises in joint surgery recuperation, therapy for RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) and rehabilitation for shoulder and back problems.
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store150 Ramakrishna Hospital Bangalore

Speciality Healthcare Store & 24×7 Pharmacy

Our in-house Specialty Healthcare Store stocks mobility healthcare products imported from Germany, Belgium and other European countries.
The Store actively works with our physiotherapists and surgeons in identifying and testing new products.
We also operate a 24×7 Pharmacy that offers door delivery*.
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Full Health Checkups

For individuals & Corporates
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